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Recording of Community Meeting on March 24, 2022

Watch a recording of the zoom meeting where information about the General Plan update were discussed and input was heard from community members.

Rio Vista Community Meeting #1 Summary – March 24, 2022

The first Rio Vista General Plan Community Workshop was held virtually on Thursday, March
24th from 5:30-7:00 pm. A brief presentation by the consultant team, led by Interwest Consulting
Group, provided an overview of the General Plan Update process. Attendees were invited to
participate and answer a short series of poll questions. A brainstorming session was also held
with meeting attendees on the best things about Rio Vista today and how the City could be
improved in the future. Four questions were asked and the responses from the public are shown

  1. What are the best things about Rio Vista today?
    • The people that live here
    • The small size of the city (compact and rural)
    • Progressive community, mindful of social issues
    • The beset sunsets in the Bay Area
    • City government is open, inclusive, and accessible
    • Municipal airport in our own backyard
    • Proximity to the river
    • Close to nature (bird watching nearby)
    • Errands are easy – Post Office, groceries, easy parking
  2. What could be better about the City in the future?
    • More diverse leadership
    • Traffic pattern that serves local residents.
      • Cut through/commuter traffic hits neighborhoods.
      • Improve ability for Trilogy and Liberty residents to get downtown.
      • Concerned about traffic impacts when Hwy. 12 work begins.
    • Downtown storefronts’ appearance
    • Maintain open space corridors
    • Focus on compact development within the City’s existing built up areas
    • Pedestrian crossing over Hwy. 12
    • Preserve natural open spaces and open space corridors.
    • Be prepared for very large storm events coming in future.
    • Entertainment venue with food/drinks, live music, etc.
    • Informational display on wind farms – similar to a railroad museum.
    • Better coverage in local paper of current events in the community – online newspaper.
    • More effort on maintaining landscaping along roads.
  1. What would you like to see in Rio Vista that’s not there today?
    • A better connection between Liberty and young families.
    • Better traffic flow as the community grows – problem getting downtown during
      commute hours.
    • A sit down coffee shop.
    • Better water quality.
    • Prepare for recycled water use.
    • Better infrastructure including fiberoptic communications.
    • City Hall – not in best location for vulnerability – move it out to Business Park. Allow City
      Hall to be a commercial or community-oriented uses.
    • More green space – small benches or larger trees and grass.
    • Highway 12 between Ace Hardware and McDonalds – Caltrans/PG&E yard. Can they be relocated to allow new development?
    • New police and fire substations
  2. What are the 2-3 biggest issues in the City that should be addressed?
    • Infrastructure to keep up with new development being built
    • Reconciling industrial uses with other uses in the waterfront area
    • Zoning does not line up with some desired uses
    • Maintain a balance between economic uses and community
    • Housing affordability
    • Range of housing that meets the community’s needs

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